Why race with DKR?

Training racehorses is as much about personal relationships  as it is about the  horses that carry our flag on the racetrack.

The Dean Kannemeyer Racing team offers existing and prospective new owners the opportunity of racing horses in a professional, yet sociable and fun environment where every patron is valued and welcomed as a member of the family. The DKR team is a well-balanced mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm, and whether it is while enjoying a refreshment at the racecourse, a chat at our regular  Friday evening sundowners or dropping by to say hello, there will always be a team member on hand to talk  to the owner.


The DKR philosophy of integrity and transparency means that our patrons are kept informed with regular progress reports and honest feedback. The most pleasant  decisions and calls are those that need to be made with the good horses and we are mindful of the fact that throwing good money after bad with moderate performers can only result in unhappiness and dissatisfaction.  As the thread of maintaining honesty and an open-door policy is maintained from day one,  unrealistic expectations and unpleasant surprises are avoided.

A track record of  46 graded race victories in only ten years,  which includes an impressive 18 Grade 1 races, speaks volumes and  tells a story of success on the racetrack that commences with the selection process at the various Sales and continues through hands-on and patient developmental monitoring through to career planning and race programming.  While every owner wants to win the Classics and the Grade 1 races, we know  that bread-and – butter horses can also be a lot of fun and every winner, including our  maiden winners,  are celebrated with pride.

It is not known as the Sport Of Kings for nothing, and racing horses can be a thrilling and pleasurable pursuit. Why not fast-track your dreams and aspirations  today and give us a call.

Winning really is a whole lot of fun!